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Removing Viruses/Spyware
Viruses and Spyware are getting more common and increasingly harmful everyday. They can cause serious harm to your computer and data.

If you are not fully protected then they can replicate, steal personal information and infect other computers on the network.

We can eliminate these inconveniences and provide you with the full protection you need.

We install all types of wired or wireless WI-FI networks, we can take the network to any point of your business or interconnect different headquarters of your company. Nowadays we have the advantage that no wired installations are necessary, for many of the cases we can mount a Wi-Fi network without cables, without thereby reducing the security or speed of your internal network.  You can use the network to share all types of devices among all users, printers, storage media, fax, etc. We establish users and groups of users by implementing permissions and different policies, allowing or denying users or groups certain devices such as printers, usb memories, etc. Allowing or denying access to certain services, such as access to the Internet, installation of programs, etc. We manage the network for an optimal level of security. With optimum security settings on your network, you will ensure that the data stored on your computers is protected from risks that may come from within your company and other threats that may come from the Internet

Sale, installation, updating of equipment Service of repair and support to customers / businesses; Hardware and Software Troubleshooting for Servers, Laptops, Desktops, and All in One Backups recovery and restoration of computer data Experience in all Microsoft software. Multimedia installations and WIFI network for home or business. Our company offers a fair service and personalized attention to each custome

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